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Sgt. Slaughter aka Peter Cassar

Leyla Fences

Guest presenter/programmer

The Cosmic Cowboy Cafe


Some of Allan Tomkins' custom made guitars - what will Leyla's Tomkins guitar be like ?

Leyla with Allan Tomkins

Leyla was a special guest at the annual Tomkins Guitar Showcase

Leyla Fences

Marrickville Bowling Club


(left to right)

The Cosmic Cowboy, Leyla Fences, Adrian Pina, Karen White

Sydney, Australia 16.11.13

Bo Porter

Chris Wall at Luckenbach

Slaid Cleaves (left)

Charlie Roth

with Kim Lenz & Tara Dunphy

left to right Woody Adkins, Dallas Wayne, EW, Gordon Ames, Mojo Nixon

with Dale Watson 

with Dallas Wayne at Sirius XM Outlaw Radio studio

with JP Harris

with Johnny Bush on his 80th birthday

with James Hand 

with Dale Watson & Claire White

 with Emily Herring

with Dallas Moore

with Miss Leslie

with Sarah Gayle Meech