San Francisco Mabel Joy - Kacey Jones

featuring Waylon Payne and Kris Kristofferson

"It Ain't Nuthin'" - Craig Moreau

from Craig Moreau's 2nd album "The Daredevil Kid"

"Home To Me" - title track of Charlie Roth's new album.

This is a song I wrote for the album 'Tartan Cactus Heart' completed June 2012. the song was inspired by the photograghy of my friend Casey Weber who at his job travels a lot through the area where I ...

Floramay Holliday live at The Cosmic Cowboy Cafe

In Sydney, Australia, performing a live radio show on 2RRR 88.5 FM with DJ Eddie White on the Cosmic Cowboy Cafe. Local dobro player, Gary Brown.(2005 ?)

Every Afternoon - Brad Boyer - The Wildfire Benefit Concert For Texas

Brad Boyer, Brant Lee Croucher and Matt Harlan are the holy trinity of young singer song writers in Houston

"Broken Ground" by Charlie Roth.

This song was my first introduction to the music of Charlie Roth. Charlie, from Minnesota, has also collaborated with Matt Harlan.

Matt Harlan - "Elizabethtown"

Matt Harlan and his mates Brad Boyer and Brant Lee Croucher, all from Houston, are challenging Austin as the singer-songwriter heart of Texas.